The American Meadow Garden


"His images throughout the book are stunningly alive with light." (Rick Darke The American Gardener)


"A paean to grassy, no-mow landscapes that shiver, shimmer and wave …" (Ketzel Levine )


"An exquisitely beautiful book on non-lawns … a winner." (Amy Stewart North Coast Journal )


The time has come to look for new ways to create friendly, livable spaces around our homes. The traditional lawn is not the answer; it can be a huge, time consuming, synthetic-chemical sucking mistake. In The American Meadow Garden, Saxon Holt teams with ornamental grass expert John Greenlee to present a new model for gardeners seeking alternatives to lawn.


Meadows, or grass ecologies, abound in nature and are the fundamental inspiration for garden meadows.  Holt begins the book with a tour of native meadows around the country and continues by featuring stunning examples of functioning, sustainable  meadows.  These photos combine brilliantly with the experience of nurseryman and designer, John Greenlee who details all the practicalities of site preparation, plant selection, and maintenance; particularly valuable are his explanations of how ornamental grasses perform in different climates and areas.


In this book, a meadow isn't a random assortment of messy, anonymous grasses. Rather, it is a shimmering mini-ecosystem, in which regionally appropriate grasses combine with colorful perennials to form a rich tapestry that is friendly to all life -- with minimal input of water, time, and other scarce resources.




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